some things don't change,
my middle name's still risk


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January 27, 2012

when you realize that the addict
is not that much different than you are.
both coming back for something,
the craving, the itch you cannot scratch.

it always hurts.
and everything is raw
and angsty and cliche.
(like this).

you tell the poetry to fuck off
but the words are still somehow allowed
to creep

Posted at 01:07 pm by dilutedspark
shrapnel is shrapnel  

January 25, 2012
on being different

i wish that forgetting was enough,
something to fill in the holes of being alone.
of being alone and steady and head up
and falling apart when you think no one is looking.

you want to fight it
but end up giving in. it isn't the loss
of something particular but realizing you woke up
and there is no face or heart
that you've shared yourself with
inside of a thousand mile range.

there is a smile,
hint of something better tomorrow.

you hope the only way you know how.

Posted at 05:24 pm by dilutedspark
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May 29, 2011

because it is tiring
only being loved for your pay check
and trying to protect everyone
while their hands are in the air.

then something better comes along,
it doesn't matter if it's a lover
because that's not what you are.
it could be a new song or what happened to you
when you were a child or something i'd say
was  bullshit but makes you grin.

i'd carry you on my way,
you wouldn't - you'd lie through it
and wait for the promised to be delivered
through a cloud of smoke and mirrors
and disguise made of illumination.

and then what? nothing,
something in reverse, it never
matters. i'm closing my eyes.
goodnight and goodbye.

Posted at 06:17 pm by dilutedspark
shrapnel is shrapnel  

July 26, 2009
all over the place

i'm still here and looking but post writing wanna be type things more often here:

hope everyone is well.

Posted at 05:59 am by dilutedspark
shrapnel is shrapnel  

July 7, 2009
because we never leave completely

sometimes i wonder if we have tried everything.
i sit in a room with ocean walls;
waiting, wondering what is safe
what has become routine.
perhaps there was never such a thing as the morning star
but there was night with a moon,
with a grace, with a flicker of tongue.

the same songs always play.
we remember them but turn them down
but when strangers walk by my head hums
and i like everything soft rather than loud;
i have to strain which means i'm listening.

i always lock my door.

we are the end of the fireworks.

Posted at 06:09 pm by dilutedspark
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March 19, 2009
even time

we are the ending of the story;
i was the prince who saved,
you were the one who left.

i am not standing anymore,
it is better to love fiction.

Posted at 05:20 pm by dilutedspark
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March 14, 2009

and then, a hurricane;
bodies which constantly mock.

i won't take you down.

Posted at 11:23 am by dilutedspark

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